Get ready to experience the ultimate party on the dance floor with Flavor! This dynamic group is here to bring the party to life with their incredible DJ Hybrid concept.

What is DJ Hybrid, you ask? It’s the tantalizing blend of a fantastic DJ and talented live musicians coming together to create a mind-blowing hybrid sound that will have everyone on their feet. Picture the infectious beats of a skilled DJ seamlessly intertwined with the electrifying energy of live instruments. The result? A dance floor that transforms into a pulsating, non-stop celebration!

Flavor is led by the extraordinary DJ Boss, who combines his phenomenal DJ skills and masterful keyboard playing to create a fusion of sound that will blow your mind. DJ Boss knows how to read a crowd, curating a seamless mix of hits that will keep the dance floor packed and the energy sky high.

As a live band with DJ, Flavor knows how to turn up the heat and keep the party going all night long. With their unmatched versatility, they can effortlessly transition from the latest chart-topping hits to beloved classics that make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. From pop to rock, R&B to funk, they’ve got all the genres covered to satisfy every musical fancy.

Get ready to surrender yourself to the infectious beats, mind-blowing performances, and unforgettable moments that this extraordinary group brings. Your wedding will be transformed into a pulsating fusion of DJ magic and live instrumentation, leaving you and your guests craving an encore. Welcome to the world of Flavor, where DJ mastery and live performance collide in the most extraordinary way possible.

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Steve Mittenthal or Dan Morris