Cameo is an electrifying band of young and highly energetic musicians who are making waves in the music scene. With a vibrant blend of funk, soul, rock, and pop, they bring a refreshing and modern vibe to the stage. The band’s youthful energy is contagious, as they deliver explosive performances filled with catchy rhythms, blistering guitar solos, and captivating vocals that leave audiences in awe. 

Their high-energy live performances are a mix of tight grooves, soaring vocals, and funky guitar licks that get audiences moving and grooving. With influences ranging from James Brown and Prince to Dua Lipa and Beyonce, Cameo delivers a fresh take on classic songs that ignite the crowd and create an unforgettable experience. Whether playing a packed club or a destination wedding, this band always brings the heat, delivering an unforgettable musical experience that is both soulful and funky.

Cameo’s 4 lead vocalists (2 male, 2 female) each have a unique style, with which they showcase the top songs from every decade and genre. Their rhythm section (bass, drums, guitar, keyboard) are among the best in the business, delivering soulful renditions of classic hit songs! With their undeniable talent, raw passion, and boundless enthusiasm, Cameo is carving their path to becoming the next big thing in music. 

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of disco, a lover of 80s anthems, or a current chart-topper enthusiast, Cameo has got you covered. Get ready to dance, sing, and experience an unforgettable night as they take you on a melodic journey through the ages!

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Steve Mittenthal or Dan Morris