With Tropics Entertainment, our bands strive for absolute perfection. We will be there every step of the way to ensure that your wedding or corporate event runs smoothly. Our bands are available nationwide, with focus a in Florida, Chicago, Aspen and New York.

Tropics Entertainment FAQ

Hiring A Live Band For A Wedding

What does the reception band bring to the event?
  • Sound Equipment (rental, delivery, set-up, break down)
  • Instruments (drum set, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, microphones including wireless speech mic)
  • LED stage lighting with customizable colors and effects
  • Sound Engineer with iPad for mixing during the entire performance
  • Band Coordinator to work with you on all the details
  • Onsite Band Coordinator / Stage Manager to communicate with the band and keep them organized
What does my venue need to provide?
  • Parking and vendor meals
  • Power (3 x 20 amp circuits)
  • Staging (optional, but recommended)
  • If the Band is outside, the stage must be appropriately covered (including a 4-foot perimeter around the stage).  We will also need you to sign our Outdoor Policy Form.
  • Early Setup Fee will apply if the band is required to arrive more than 2 hours before start time (e.g., if Ceremony is in the same room as reception, separated by an air wall or draping).
What size stage do I need?
  • 4-6 pieces: 8d x 12w (minimum); 12d x 12w (recommended)
  • 7-8 pieces: 12d x 16w (minimum); 12d x 20w (recommended)
  • 9-11 pieces: 12d x 20w (minimum); 16d x 24w (recommended)
  • *Ceremony and Cocktail Musicians do not need a stage
How long will the band play at my event?

The band plays four hours with one 25 minute break during your entrée.  The band can play high energy music continuously for 2 hours. If your entrée happens to be served within the first 90 minutes, the band will take two 20 minute breaks (one 20 minute break during your entrée, and another 20-minute break later in the night).

How does payment work?
We require a 50% deposit upon signing the contract. The balance is due two weeks prior to the event.
Fast and secure payment via ACH is preferred. We also accept checks, money orders, and wire transfers.
If there is a weather issue, or “Act of God” will I lose my deposit?

If there is an unforeseen weather event and the venue is inoperable or inaccessible, or if there are Government restrictions due to Covid-19, you will receive a full refund minus a service fee of 10%.

Do I need sound amplification for the officiant and the B&G?

Sometimes the venue provides this. Please be sure to ask them. This is the most common item left off the list. We can inexpensively provide speakers, mics for the Bride, Groom, and Officiant, and a sound engineer to make sure everyone can be heard. Please email or call us for details and pricing.

Do my ceremony/cocktail musicians need to be amplified?

Most of our Ceremony / Cocktail musicians do not require amplification.  If your guest count is above 225, we suggest renting amplification for the strings (Violin, Cello, Viola). Please email or call us for details and pricing.

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