Fourth of July is right around the corner- and it’s the perfect time to blow off some steam after all of the stressful times that we’ve been through lately. However, the pandemic is not over- there are still social distancing mandates from various venues, the government, and other stipulations that have to be kept in mind while planning for your fourth of July summer party. That doesn’t mean that you and your family and friends can’t have a great time together though. Read on to learn more about some great 4th of July party ideas that are COVID-19 friendly so that you can have a great time on Independence Day while staying safe and obeying any mandates that are in place. No great party is complete without some awesome entertainment! Tropics Entertainment provides top quality bands and performers for weddings and events. Our performers are able to set up and play at a designated area, safely away from guests so that they are able to enjoy the music and tightly choreographed numbers from their seats! If you’re looking for bands to hire for parties in Florida, our bands are based in Miami but travel both nationally and internationally to perform. Call Tropics Entertainment for your event entertainment needs today!


4th Of July Party Ideas This Summer


Even though we are going through some uncertain and stressful times with everything that is going on right now with the pandemic, it is still important to have a good time and celebrate the founding of this nation. In fact, it’s probably more important than ever to enjoy yourself for your mental state! Here are some top ideas from our company about how to make your party this Independence Day a success:

  • Create a signature cocktail- A signature cocktail for any event is a great idea. From summary sangrias to homemade margaritas, signature cocktails at the bar are a great way to make your event memorable and keep your guests refreshed and happy.
  • Build your own hot dog bar- With the pandemic, we need to be more conscious of germs than ever, especially in gatherings of people. Set up a build-your-own hot dog bar that is replenished by staff after each 10 guests arrive to make sure that the food is as freshly served as possible and not constantly exposed to large volumes of people.
  • Music- No party is complete without fabulous live entertainment! If you’re looking for bands to hire for parties, we’re available to set up a COVID-19 friendly set. Our professional event coordinators can set our performers up safely away from guests and dazzle the guests at a safe distance.


Tips For This Year’s Fourth Of July

  • Arrangement- You will want to seat your guests six feet apart for each family. It is best for those with compromised immune systems to be seated in their own special locations around the property with enough shade, and a party server can make sure that they bring the food and drinks to them throughout the night. 
  • Decorations- Since a little more seating is expected due to the need to keep guests social distancing from each other, provide luxurious and comfortable fourth of July seating options with cushions, back support, and more to keep it festive.


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Enjoy these COVID-19 friendly 4th of July party ideas to have fun with your friends and family. If you’re looking for bands to hire for parties, Tropics Entertainment provides bands based in Florida that travel all around the world. Call Tropics Entertainment for your event entertainment needs today!