Here at Tropics Entertainment, we are an entertainment business specializing in live music for weddings, and you can easily find us by searching “bands for hire near me” in Florida. For us, our passion is all about bringing someone’s special day to life with phenomenal band performances that will make their wedding one of their greatest memories. Unfortunately, being in the wedding business also means we’ve seen disaster strike a few weddings from time-to-time. It’s not something that’s fun to think about, but preparing for such an event is very important to protect your investment. This is why we want to talk to you about wedding insurance. What is wedding insurance? How does it protect you from unforeseen circumstances? Let us shed some light on this topic so you can protect your upcoming wedding.


What is Wedding Insurance?

So like any other kind of insurance, wedding insurance is all about protecting you financially from circumstances that can happen outside of your control. For weddings, this directly references your financial investment in your wedding, and if something happens that compromises your investment, you can receive reimbursed expenses. Let’s say sudden bad weather like a hurricane causes your wedding to be postponed. That’s a lot of financial loss you will accrue, and rebooking the venue for a later date along with every other expense that needs to be reevaluated will cost a pretty penny. If you have wedding insurance, though, you can receive a financial reimbursement for that loss, or for the cost of rebooking.


Further Wedding Insurance Details

So there’s some information you’ll need to know about wedding insurance. For starters, there are two kinds: liability insurance and cancelation insurance. Liability insurance focuses on injury-related accidents during the event while cancelation insurance instead focuses on the forced cancelation of a wedding that’s outside one’s control. It’s important to note this doesn’t cover a change of heart.


You’ll want to consider wedding insurance about 12 months in advance, but you may not need certain kinds of it depending on your circumstances. For example, it’s possible your venue could have they own insurance, and if you already have property insurance, that could also cover the loss of items like your wedding ring. Make sure to collect information regarding the people involved in your wedding to see if others carry insurance and use wedding insurance to cover the blind spots. If need be, you can also get additional coverage for things like gifts, photography, or attire.


Search “Bands for Hire Near Me” To Find Wedding Music

Now that we’ve answered the question “what is wedding insurance?” you have a better idea of what you stand to gain from investing. If you’re located in Florida, you can search “bands for hire near me” to locate Tropics Entertainment. Even if you’re not in Florida, our bands are willing to fly out anywhere to perform at your wedding. Our musicians are comprised of some of Florida’s hottest performers who also get experience as night club DJs. This makes our performers a bit “edgy” and means they are constantly keeping up with modern music, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know the classics either. Contact us for more information on our sensational bands and music, and let us help ensure your upcoming wedding is one of the greatest nights of your life.