The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that events function all across the world. Weddings have been postponed, events canceled, and conventions moved. However, life must go on. As the United States has begun to open up in the fall, there are many ways for weddings and events to take place even with the restrictions that come with the pandemic. Based in Florida but with bands traveling all over the world, Tropics Entertainment is a top provider of wedding entertainment bands. If you are planning a wedding ceremony in the fall or summer, and have guests that are unable to physically attend the event due to the pandemic, don’t worry- Tropics Entertainment uses modern technology to connect loved ones living far away to your wedding! Tropics Entertainment provides a Zoom set-up so that every single one of your guests can enjoy our bands performing from a safe distance, or if they are unable to travel to the event, in their own homes. If you’re looking for “bands for hire near me,” call Tropics Entertainment today!


We Provide Top Wedding Entertainment Bands


We understand that having to book entertainment and organize the band on your special day is extremely stressful- especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where there is so much uncertainty- which is why we are here to take care of every aspect of the event entertainment. Our firm makes getting top-tier talent for events easy, as an entertainment production company that specializes in providing live bands for events. We don’t just provide amazing bands, but we’ve also brought together a selection of bands that are laser-focused on being the perfect fit for any high-end corporate event or social gathering. Part of our job is accommodating to the needs of our clients and providing flexibility as unforeseen events shift things around. Since many family members are unable to physically attend weddings right now due to the pandemic, we are providing a video option so that they are able to enjoy the live performance our bands put on from a safe distance. We recommend that the bride and groom designate a bridal party member or trusted guest to be the zoom host/MC for the night that can walk around and have all of the Zoom attendees look at all of the festivities, and be able to interact with the bride and groom and guests throughout the night. 


Looking For “Bands For Hire Near Me”?


Our firm provides bands of all varieties, in order to ensure that with any event you throw, you’re guaranteed something a little different. One of the biggest things that we pride ourselves on is options- when circumstances change, we offer flexibility in the entertainment we provide so that your event can go on. With modern technology, guests attending from a distance can enjoy speaking with guests live at the wedding via the Zoom host so that everybody is able to feel like they’re a part of the wedding and enjoy the live entertainment.


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With technology, your guests can now enjoy your wedding entertainment from a safe distance. If you’re looking for “bands for hire near me,” Tropics Entertainment offers top wedding entertainment bands that are based in Florida but travel internationally to perform. Call Tropics Entertainment to book your band today!