You may think choosing a band for your wedding is an easy task. Think again. There are many factors you must consider in order to ensure your special day is nothing short of perfect. At Tropics Entertainment, we are here to make sure you avoid the common mistakes many brides make when choosing their wedding bands. We know how to book a band for a wedding. When it comes to bands for weddings, we have the best in Florida. 

Be Sure to Avoid the Following:

  • Dismissing the idea of a band or DJ before doing some research. 
    • This is your first music decision to make, and it’ll narrow down your options by half. Love live music and have a bigger budget? A band might be your preferred pick. Have a tighter budget or dozens of songs you’d like played perfectly (in other words, exactly how they sound on Spotify)? A DJ could be your perfect choice. But don’t dismiss either because you think a band will automatically be out of your budget or a DJ will be cheesy. 
  • Offending your officiant with your ceremony music. 
    • Getting married in a house of worship? When it comes to ceremony music, many churches, synagogues and other religious institutions have rules that could affect your choice of ceremony music, like prohibiting certain secular songs. It may be your wedding day, but unfortunately, it’s not technically your church, so follow the regulations. 
  • Forgetting to talk through the must-play songs. 
    • Don’t assume your band or DJ is going to play every one of your favorites. If it’s a band, talk to them about this list before you decide to book—they may have to learn a song or two. For DJs, just be certain they’re on the same page with you when it comes to the style and energy of the music. 
  • Leaving out a do-not-play list. 
    • Sit down with your soon-to-be-spouse and go through your favorite songs together to create the must-play and do-not-play lists. If you decide to use a band instead of a DJ, give them plenty of time to review your picks, in case they have to add a song to their repertoire. Once you’ve handed over the lists, leave the rest up to the pros. Be careful not to micromanage, remember this is why you hired them.
  • Sticking to one genre. 
    • You both may truly love ’90s grunge, but five full hours of Nirvana might drive some guests to leave early. You’re sharing this day with family and friends, so save your more obscure favorites for the honeymoon playlist and let your band or DJ play a mix of songs that everyone can enjoy. 

Be Sure To Book A Band For A Wedding

Remember, all events are not created equal. Some are very intimate and small, while others are exotic and wild. Whatever style or theme it may be, we are sure to make your event one to remember for all time. There is no event we can’t handle. Your wedding is the night you have been anticipating your whole life. It needs to be perfect. Trust a company who knows the industry inside and out.

Because every event is unique, keep in mind many factors can affect the overall cost. Some elements that you need to aware of are:

  • Time of the year
  • Location of the event
  • Number of guests 
  • Band size

Having all this information accurately will help give us the appropriate quote for your event.

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Avoid these mistakes when you book a band for a wedding. Make sure you hire the best of the best! Not only will your guests appreciate your hard work and dedication, but you will create lasting moments that you will never forget. Here at Tropics Entertainment, we promise to provide you with all our expertise with the best wedding bands and wedding DJs. Call or contact us today for more information. Your wedding is just around the corner; it is time to get to work. Trust us when it comes to bands for weddings, Florida.