You may be thinking that there is not much to factor when it comes to hiring a wedding band; however, this is not the case. There are many aspects you must look over when making the right decision for your wedding. Choosing a live band is fun, but it needs to be taken seriously. Remember that this choice will determine how you will remember your special day for the rest of your life. Tropics Entertainment is here for you! Our Chicago cover band will leave you and your guests extremely satisfied and impressed every second they perform. We feature the best bands for hire near me.

The Right Band Can Make The Biggest Difference 

When it comes to organizing your live wedding entertainment, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration, from venue terms and conditions, right through to the band rider. Whether you are just about to start your planning or are only days away, this is the right time to take advantage of a foolproof checklist that will ensure you are fully prepared. It never hurts to over-prepare. Trust our wedding music bands to have everything you need!

Tips For Finding The Perfect Chicago Cover Band

  • Do your research. 
    • When you begin researching potential wedding bands for your wedding, think of great parties or weddings you’ve attended in the past. Ask those couples or party hosts for references. You can also ask friends or family members who have attended a recent wedding where they feel the band excelled for their recommendations.
  • What type of band do you want?
    • There are different types of bands a couple can hire for their wedding. Determine the type of music you want to be played – Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, Beyoncé. All of our bands play a wide variety of music to accommodate the variety of guests with various ages and tastes in music
  • Ask the right questions. 
    • When meeting with potential bands, bring a list of questions with you to ask the sales manager or the bandleader. Here are some key questions you should definitely ask:
      •      What are the band’s favorite songs to perform?
      •      What’s your playlist? Will you work with us on the song list?
      •      How many singers and instruments are available?
      •      What type of wardrobe do you wear to perform?
      •      Do you provide ceremony and cocktail hour music?
      •      How many breaks will the band take and what will play when they’re on a break?
      •      How many hours are included, and what are your costs? Are there overtime fees?
      •      Do you have any specialty groups or songs the band can play?
      •      Do you perform at more than one event a day?
      •      Will someone in the band act as the emcee?

  • Determine how many instruments and singers you want. 
    • While the total number of performers you book will depend on your budget and type of band you want to hire, there are some core elements couples should be aware of when researching and meeting with potential wedding bands. 
  • Review the contract before signing it. 
    • Before signing a contract and booking a band for your wedding, in addition to ensuring the wedding date, time, venue and fees are listed correctly. Make sure the contract features these points:
      •      The name of the band and the instrumentation/personnel who will be performing at your wedding
      •      If you are booking a band based on a video you’ve watched of the band, confirm if the performers in that video are the same performers that will be performing at your wedding
      •      A payment schedule with a cancellation clause that specifies how that effects deposit and balance payments
      •      Confirm what the band will wear: Black tie, etc
      •      A setup time and breakdown time may be helpful depending on the logistics for your wedding, including ceremony and cocktail hour if the band will perform for these events as well

Get The Best Bands For Hire Near Me

We are masters when it comes to a Chicago cover band. Make sure you hire the best of the best! Not only will your guests appreciate your hard work and dedication, but you will create lasting moments that you will never forget. Here at Tropics Entertainment, we promise to provide you with all our expertise with the best wedding bands and wedding DJs. Call or contact us today for more information on the best bands for hire near me. Your event is just around the corner; it is time to get to work. Trust us when it comes to a corporate event band, Chicago.