Are you a fan of rock and would like to see that showcased on the most important day of your life? When it comes to rock music, it is a great idea to incorporate this music on your wedding day. Why not hire a classic rock live band to provide the vocals? Here at Tropics Entertainment, we are the best choice for bands for weddings. Whether it is in Chicago or anywhere else in the country, we got you covered.

Everyone Loves Rock

You may be worrying about what people may think when they hear that your wedding playlist consists of hits by Led Zeppelin or Queen. Our advice to you is simple. Do not worry! Believe it or not, most people are fans of classic rock. Even if they do not know it, they still find themselves tapping their toes once the beat hits. You can trust our bands for weddings to deliver the best performance.  

Even the younger generations listen to rock! If you need a little help believing us, here is a list that may ease your mind. These are possible reasons why young people listen to really old rock music:

  • More involved parenting
    • Today’s young people benefited, for the most part, from greater involvement by parents in the rearing of children. In all likelihood, these more involved parents played their music to their kids. The kids grew up listening to it, hummed along, and it feels comfortable and acceptable to them, given their still-close relationships with their parents.

  • The 60s and 70s are culturally enshrined
    • In the same way that the Roaring 20s are talked about fondly, the 1960s were considered a time of the social and cultural revolution, and the emergence and acceptance of rock-and-roll music by the majority of Americans make this a time that is looked back on as culturally significant and a time of positive change and good times.

  • The 60s and 70s musicians were truly talented
    • Several millennials have mentioned this explanation. They emphasize the quality of the music of the era and the fact that most of these rock-and-rollers wrote their own songs and played the instruments. Perhaps the Classic Rock era is akin to the classical Baroque period of the mid-1700s.

  • Baby boomers control the media world
    • Even hit movies today are consisting of these songs. The soundtracks are full of classic rock songs from the 1960s and 1970s. There is no doubt that Baby Boomers control much of the media, and have a big hand in the kinds of music heard in movies, commercials, and on the radio.

  • Selectivity is what gets airplay
    • Older music has been “filtered” through the years, with only the most popular songs from the Rock Era getting regular airplay. Newer music does not have the benefit of this filtering, and its newness means that it’s less memorable, and the “duds” are playing right along with the songs destined to be classics.

Classic Rock Live Covers We Suggest

  • The Beatles
    • Essential Album: “Revolver”
  • Pink Floyd
    • Essential Album: “Wish You Were Here”
  • The Who
    • Essential Album: “Who’s Next”
  • The Rolling Stones
    • Essential Album: “Sticky Fingers”
  • Led Zeppelin
    • Essential Album: “Led Zeppelin IV”
  • Eagles
    • Essential Album: “Greatest Hits, Vol. 1”
  • Grateful Dead
    • Essential Album: “Anthem of the Sun”
  • Jefferson Airplane
    • Essential Album: “After Bathing at Baxter’s”
  • The Doors
    • Essential Album: “The Doors”
  • The Moody Blues
    • Essential Album: “Days of Future Passed”

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