From summer corporate events and awards ceremonies to your annual Christmas office party, trying to locate the right type of live entertainment for your event can be the key to creating the right impression for your corporate event guests and employers There is a broad array of options on the market out there, and there’s much to consider as you look around to find a live party band or group that is able to not only entertain your guests, but also help to promote the overall feel of your brand. Read on to find out more about top corporate entertainment ideas and choose the right type of corporate band for you! If you are looking online for “bands for hire near me,” contact Tropics Entertainment to book.

Types of Bands To Book

If you are wanting to project an air of sophistication onto the occasion, jazz bands are a great choice for you. Champagne and canapes can be presented on arrival and go great with a chic jazz band in the corner. Whether it’s low key elegance with a laid-back jazz trio or a lively swing band to bring the crowd to their feet, live jazz music never fails to add class and fun to a corporate gig. On the other hand, you can also choose a more free-flowing style with roaming acoustic bands, as there has been a growing trend towards these live acoustic bands over the past few years- particularly throughout the corporate event scene. A roaming band is made out of three or four musicians performing completely without microphones and tend to weave seamlessly through the venue. Roaming bands are at your command to move from one area of the venue to the other, or to move from table to table if you want to get the atmosphere buzzing a bit. This is not only a refreshing take on traditional corporate bands, but also proves a blessing for event organizers everywhere – no set up time, no space requirements, and zero stress required. If you are looking for “bands for hire near me,” Tropics Entertainment is a top choice!

Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Bands

On the corporate function scene, live party bands continue to be a favorite, adding heaps of energy and creating a real sense of occasion. There are almost endless options for function bands, depending on what you are looking for, from an almighty 12-piece band to a lively rockin’ trio. There are also live lounge style acoustic sets for a more down to earth approach. A solo guitarist can provide a mix of classical, flamenco, jazz, and contemporary music to add some mellow acoustic vibes and a chilled out, cool feel. No matter what type of corporate band you’re looking for, we at Tropics Entertainment will provide you with a corporate event to remember!

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Qualified agents and consultants are a must-have when booking a live band for your corporate event so that you can make the best choice. If you’re looking up “bands for hire near me” for your next corporate event, Tropics Entertainment is the one-stop service for all of your corporate entertainment ideas and needs. Contact Tropics Entertainment today for your next
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