Are you planning on hosting an event for your company? Do you want to ensure that the event is memorable and a night that will bring smiles on everyone’s face? Here at Tropics Entertainment, we specialize in providing the perfect corporate event band. In no time, you will become the best boss ever!

What We Offer For Your Business

Our exceptionally talented corporate music bands come in a variety of ranges that are bound to be the perfect selection to whatever business event you have planned. We offer everything from creative soloists to empowering string quartets. We provide many different combinations of musicians for your corporate event. They are available in performances that involve solos, duos, trios, and quartets. We provide many samples on our site to get a taste of what our talents have to offer.

Introducing The Best Corporate Event Band

Depending on your personal preference, we have talent that is perfect for your special day. Our wedding music bands consist of:

  • Libido
    • They offer the ideal combination of youth and maturity, and their performances are characterized by exceptional sound, an extensive repertoire, and rich orchestrations.
  • Higher Ground
    • This young and energetic group has been rocking the parties from Miami to Palm Beach with the best hit songs from every genre
  • Flavor
    • Featuring an all-star lineup of performers and musicians, Flavor is the perfect blend of youth and experience.
  • Remix
    • Comprised of extraordinarily gifted and multi-talented musicians from various ethnic and musical backgrounds, Remix’s DNA is infused by wide-ranging elements that make them one of the most versatile bands you will ever hear.
  • The Clique
    • A dynamic new band, playing the hits from every genre.
  • Extasy
    • These young talents give new life to the classics while playing all the hits from today’s biggest stars.
  • Entourage
    • Entourage takes your party to the next level with smash hits from the old school to the new.
  • Gypsy Lane
    • Everything from Motown to Reggae, from Soul to Funk, from Disco to Hip-Hop, you’ll be sure to “shake your booty” to the sounds of Gypsy Lane.
  • DJ Jay Sample
    • Jay Sample delights his audiences with an eclectic blend of music genres including Top 40, House, Pop, Old School, and R&B.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you plan events for a living or are organizing your holiday party from the side of your desk, we know you will benefit from a band that is as dedicated to helping your event go smoothly as they are to showing your guests a great time. We have booked bands for dozens of corporate events across the country over. We understand our role on your team, and our bands understand the importance of taking care of business before they take the stage.

Contact Us Today

At Tropics Entertainment, located in Miami, we are the perfect destination for a corporate event band. Our wonderfully talented corporate music bands are sure to make your business event one to remember. Visit or call us today to get you one step closer to get your employees enjoying your corporate event the best way they know how, partying!