We are in the middle of December, and that means it is nearly Christmas, but did you forget what immediately follows? It is time for a New Year’s celebration! If you are hosting an event to ring in the new year, our team at Tropics Entertainment is here to make sure you have the best corporate event band and corporate event ideas. We are located in Florida. 


Start The New Year Off Right

Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, or cafe looking for low-key live entertainment on New Year’s Eve or perhaps a hotel, promoter, or events company looking for a large function band, we have bands of all sizes, all with years of experience under their belts.


Are you planning on hosting an event for your company? Do you want to ensure that your event will be one to remember? Here at Tropics Entertainment, we specialize in providing live entertainment that will captivate your guests and amp-up the party.


We create inspiring and engaging musical experiences from registration through departure. Throwing a rehearsal dinner or coordinating a gala, or where you put in charge of your company’s holiday party? We can help to make it easy.


We specialize in coordinating all aspects of entertainment for corporate events. We help you to design unique musical experiences and engaging entertainment that your colleagues and guests will long remember. Whether you plan events for a living or are organizing your holiday party from the side of your desk, we are a reliable partner in helping you achieve your vision.


We Offer the Best Corporate Event Ideas

Founded in 1997, Tropics Entertainment is an entertainment production company specializing in live music for private events. Although we book around 250 events per year, we are not a traditional booking agency. We carefully select each musician and performer. Our bands are created from scratch with a specific focus on high-end weddings, corporate events, and social gatherings.


A crucial difference in our bands is that in addition to playing special events, they perform in nightclubs from Miami to Palm Beach. This makes our groups a bit more “edgy” – nightclub guests want to hear all the new hit songs. All professional bands know the oldies, but these bands are required to stay very current. With flawless transitions between songs, our bands think like a DJ and sound like the artist in concert!


Call Our Corporate Event Band Today!

Be sure you consider us when it comes to the best corporate event ideas. Not only will your guests appreciate your hard work and dedication, but you will create lasting moments that you will never forget. Here at Tropics Entertainment in New York, we promise to provide you with all of our expertise with the best bands to ring in the new year. Call or contact our corporate event band today for more information on our bands for hire near me. Remember, your event is just around the corner; it is time to get to work! Trust us when it comes to bands for events and parties, Florida.