Is your wedding taking place in a small venue, but you still want to hire a live wedding band? Are you worried that you may not be able to hire live bands because of this minor detail? The professionals at Tropics Entertainment are here to explain exactly how to have wedding music bands on your special day. We are here for you Chicago.

Don’t Miss Out

It seems today live bands are more popular than ever before. Just because your wedding is taking place in a small space doesn’t mean you are not able to entertain your guests the way you want. Not all wedding and event venues have the space to accommodate a full-on live band with drums, lighting and all the bells and whistles- that’s not to say that your evening reception should suffer. We work alongside a whole range of live wedding and corporate acts that promise to bring that same level of excitement and enthusiasm as a party band would.     

Hire Live Bands & Check Out These Tips

  • Duos with Backing Tracks
    • Gone are the days of low-quality MIDI backing tracks with 90s Casio drum samples and synthesized brass – with recording technology now at the fingertips of every musician, you’ll find duos offering a sound to rival any band without taking up half the venue! Some duos we offer are guitar & violin, vocalist & pianist and DJ & vocalist, but the list is endless depending on your preferences.

  • Unplugged Bands and Roaming Bands
    • For small weddings where amplification isn’t required, why not try out one of our intimate roaming bands, perfect for mingling with guests and getting the atmosphere in full swing. This can often include some horn plays, or maybe even violinists!

  • Solo Singers with Backing Tracks
    • If space really is an issue and there’s no room for anything more than a DJ, then hiring a solo singer could possibly be the answer. We represent a number of highly professional event and wedding singers performing songs from every generation.
  • Acoustic Duos with Loop Pedals
    • Using gadgets and gizmos in creative ways can really make an acoustic duo stand out and provide a much fuller sound, ideal for a smaller more intimate setting. Using a loop pedal the band are able to build up layers on top of each other over a short period of time which ultimately creates a bigger sound, think Ed Sheeran!
  • DJs with Percussion
    • Popular among lovers of dance music and party anthems, a DJ / Percussion duo is guaranteed to get a party started even in the smallest of spaces. The combination of live drumming, sax, and mixed music provides a sound capable of filling small to medium-sized venues with ease.

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When it comes to wedding music bands in small venues, we have you covered. This is a task you must take seriously. Not only will your guests appreciate your hard work and dedication to entertaining them, but you will create lasting moments that you will never forget. Here at Tropics Entertainment, we promise to provide you with all our expertise when you have to hire live bands. Call or contact us today for more information. Your wedding is just around the corner, it is time to get to work. Trust our selection of the best bends for hire near me Chicago has to offer.