COVID-19 has swept across the nation and disrupted the plans of many different weddings and other important events. Just because your wedding has been postponed doesn’t mean you need to stop planning for your special day. Don’t waste this time- start planning by doing the research and hiring a live band from Tropics Entertainment! Tropics Entertainment is a top provider of premium wedding music bands who travel all across the United States, from Miami to New York. If you are looking for a band for your wedding, Tropics Entertainment is providing virtual consultations and bookings. We are also flexible about booking alternative dates and moving events. Read on to learn about how to plan a wedding at home and take advantage of the time that the pandemic has given you. Call Tropics Entertainment to find out more about booking your wedding band today!


Wedding Planning You Can Do From The Couch


Many people have been forced to go virtual due to the COVID-19 crisis. The advantage of living in the digital age, however, is that the things we are able to do on the internet and in the privacy of our own homes (without the risk of going outside right now) are more diverse than ever. Here are some wedding planning tasks that you can cross off your list without ever leaving your house:

  • Put together your wedding website- A wedding website is a perfect way to keep guests up-to-date on all the developments and details of your big day, especially with everything that’s changing so fast in the world right now. The best part is that there are some really beautiful, free templates that you can take advantage of!
  • Find the venue that you’ve been dreaming of- Put on your sweatpants, grab your laptop, and take a peek at all of the comprehensive lists of wedding venues. You can find venues by area, budget, guest count, or style, and look through different venues like rustic barns to non-traditional industrial spaces and even woodsy retreats. If you have to downsize your wedding, you may want to look at smaller venues more suited to weddings of 50 or less. You can take this time to look at prices, get deals, and look at lots of beautiful photos of sites you may want to book.
  • Order suits and tuxedos- Thankfully these days you can rent the highest quality tuxedos and suits online without ever having to visit a store! Browse through lots of on-trend suit and tuxedo styles, along with thousands of colorful accessories to match your wedding color scheme. 


Tips On How To Plan A Wedding At Home

  • Give your wedding party fashion freedom- With the current mix-and-match dress trend, you can give your bridesmaids the color palette/event style that you’ve chosen, along with the freedom to pick their own ensemble. Let them know so that they can choose something fabulous from their closets or purchase something that they’ll no doubt wear again.
  • Look For Your Wedding Music Bands- The music at your wedding is a key component, and Tropics Entertainment is making it a lot easier than ever to book your wedding band online, providing virtual consultations and flexible scheduling so that there are many options to change dates with our band bookings.


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If you’re wondering about how to plan a wedding at home, there are many things that you are able to do from the comfort of your couch. Tropics Entertainment provides wedding music bands who travel all across the country and the world from New York to Miami. Call Tropics Entertainment today to book your wedding band!