There’s nothing more liberating than throwing an awards ceremony to recognize all the employees that make your business possible. It doesn’t matter what the night is celebrating, introducing live music for corporate events will immediately increase the engagement of the crowd. If you’re planning a corporate event in the New York area and want to spice things up a little bit, hiring a live band can help you take it to the next level. 


How Can a Corporate Event Band Help Set the Mood?


A corporate awards ceremony is just one of the many ways to show your appreciation as a business owner. Whether you’re celebrating a recent success, recognizing excellence within your company, or just want to take a moment to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication, organizing a ceremony is the way to go. 


One of the things that will make or break your event will be music. It will play a wide range of roles throughout the event, from start to finish. When you’re handing out awards or recognition, the awkward silence that will ensue when an employee is making their way to the stage can kill the vibe. Furthermore, you’ll need some form of entertainment when it’s time to let loose and enjoy the night. 


Music can also help captivate and enhance the moments that matter most throughout the ceremony. Music can be used to surprise the audience or add suspense to a moment, fill the void of silence, and even bring everyone together in song. With a corporate event band, they’ll be able to dictate and control the mood of the room at any given moment.


Utilizing the Right Live Music for Corporate Events


One of the most significant benefits of adding live music is the memories you will create with your employees. There’s something about live music that will help you and your guests remember the event for years to come. 


It’s sure to be talked about every year and will give your company something to look forward to when the next event is announced. 


Here are some of the best moments during the award ceremony to bring out the music:


  • Introducing the host and/or guest speakers
  • When someone is walking up to accept an award
  • During the announcement of the finalists for the award
  • Tribute videos are always better with live music
  • Sound effects to emphasize jokes and essential moments in the ceremony


You’ll also want to pay attention to the kind of music. For example, classical music will work best for scientific and artistic award ceremonies, while electronic and pop sounds will be best for a sports award ceremony. 


Hire a Corporate Event Band Today!


If you need help finding the perfect band for your corporate event, we have a team of professionals at Tropics Entertainment that are prepared to help you turn your event into the best one you’ve ever thrown. 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about hiring live music for corporate events, contact Tropics Entertainment today. Let us know what bands you’re interested in and what type of event you’re organizing, and we’ll make sure they find a way to New York! Just like that, you’ll get to share the exciting news with anyone that will be attending!