“Check 1,2, 3… Check 1, 2, 3.” When you hear this on a mic, it only means one thing. Time for a live sound check. While this may not seem so important to most, it is actually a bigger deal than you think. Without a proper soundcheck, the quality of your wedding or corporate event band’s performance will be hindered. This is the last thing we want. Remember, this is the night you have waited your entire life for. Every single detail must be perfect. At Tropics Entertainment, we are here to ensure you get the best performance money can buy. At the end of the night, everyone will be beginning to continue to dance the night away.

Sound Check Is As Important As Your Actual Performance

Soundcheck before your performance is as outstanding as your actual performance. Soundcheck is carried out for two reasons: 1. To ensure that all microphones and other inputs are working and correctly connected. 2. To set the levels and tonal balance of instruments and voices, both individually and in combination, so that the performance can begin without further adjustment.

Soundcheck plays a key role in how the band performs the night of your event. Soundcheck allows the musicians to make sure their instruments are working correctly. During this time, the sound engineer and musicians test their instruments and check that the desired sound is being created. The sound engineer will have each musician play a couple notes.

Ultimately, the whole band runs through about 3-5 songs and ensure they are in sync and quality is at its full potential for your special day! There is also something called a line check. This is still considered a type of soundcheck, but consider it a “silent” one.  

During a line check, the sound engineer verifies that all signals on the stage are being sent to the mixer- this is also something that goes on during soundcheck. During these times, the band fixes any little tweaks they may need to. It is better they can have this beforehand instead of facing it for the first time once the event already started. Both soundcheck and the line check take about an hour and a half.

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When booking a live band for your wedding or special event you need qualified agents and consultants who are on hand to discuss your needs and to assist you in making a professional decision for the best band for your event. Tropics Entertainment will be that one-stop service you need. We are here to answer and provide all the information you need to move forward. We are the top choice for wedding entertainment and take pride in what we do.

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