We are already headed towards the end of November. That means Christmas is just around the corner. It just so happens that your special day is planned the same month. Ever consider mixing the two together? Why not add a little Christmas to the mix. At Tropics Entertainment, we have the perfect selection of live wedding bands to get that Christmasy touch your wedding needs. Located in Florida, our wedding music bands are so exceptional, it is no reason we are the best.

Merry Christmas To You

When you think about it, there is always something magical about the Christmas season. There is also something magical about your wedding day. Why not put to magical things together and create something that will be memorable for years to come? You will create a celebration experience that is adored immensely by your guests and Jolly Old St. Nick!  So how do you pull it off? The solution is simple.

We are not saying to deck out your wedding with Christmas trees and snowflakes. There is no need for candy canes and poinsettias either. It can be much more subtle.  All you need to do is incorporate some classy Christmas tunes into your playlist. The perfect way to do this with wedding music bands. Luckily, we have the most diverse and elegant bands in the state. Pair these bands with some tunes that showcase Christmas and romance and you are on your way.

A Look at Our Live Wedding Bands

  • Libido
    • They offer the ideal combination of youth and maturity, and their performances are characterized by exceptional sound, an extensive repertoire, and rich orchestrations.

  • Higher Ground
    • This young and energetic group has been rocking the parties from Miami to Palm Beach with the best hit songs from every genre

  • Flavor
    • Featuring an all-star lineup of performers and musicians, Flavor is the perfect blend of youth and experience.

  • Remix
    • Comprised of extraordinarily gifted and multi-talented musicians from various ethnic and musical backgrounds, Remix’s DNA is infused by wide-ranging elements that make them one of the most versatile bands you will ever hear.

  • The Clique
    • A dynamic new band, playing the hits from every genre.

  • Extasy
    • These young talents give new life to the classics while playing all the hits from today’s biggest stars.

  • Entourage
    • Entourage takes your party to the next level with smash hits from the old school to the new.

  • Gypsy Lane
    • Everything from Motown to Reggae, from Soul to Funk, from Disco to Hip-Hop, you’ll be sure to “shake your booty” to the sounds of Gypsy Lane.

  • DJ Jay Sample
    • Jay Sample delights his audiences with an eclectic blend of music genres including Top 40, House, Pop, Old School, and R&B.

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Our inventory of live wedding bands is pretty short of a Christmas miracle. In no time your special day will be one that everyone will remember for a lifetime. Tropics Entertainment has exactly the wedding music bands you need. Call or contact our Florida bands today for more information.