Top-level event bands should be able to provide a whole lot more than just great music! There is a lot more that our party bands can bring to the table, and when you hire a band for your event or wedding from Tropics Entertainment, you are getting more than just music (though we do that fantastically as well). There are several different areas in which our band and company can contribute value-added elements to make for a great event. Tropics Entertainment doesn’t just provide bands, but also professional event coordinators who will make sure every single detail of the band’s performance and set up will be perfect. When you hire a party band from Tropics Entertainment, you can focus your attention on your event and not have to worry about any aspect of the performance! If you’re looking for “bands for hire near me,” our bands are based in Miami but travel all across the country from Chicago to California performing both nationally and internationally. Call us to book a band for your next event today!


A Top Party Band Should Provide Additional Services


Top-level event bands like those we work with should be able to provide additional value to your event such as:

  • Event emceeing- Our bands are more than capable of doing a good job emceeing. After all, this is a standard duty for any professional band. This is something that our bands are asked to do at nearly every event they perform in. Our event coordinators will work with you directly and through extensive collaboration, months prior to the event, confer a clear timetable making sure that nothing goes wrong. Next, our coordinators will prepare an event sheet that our band will bring to the event, serving as the band’s “road map” for the evening. It will let them know the timetable, list of names of speakers and people giving toasts, and any notes pertaining to introductions that the band will be asked to do. High-quality even bands will actually do dress rehearsals for the event in which they not only run the songs, but also all of the emcee duties. All of this preparation results in a smooth, well-executed, professional event for you!


More Benefits Our Bands Deliver

  • Recorded music during breaks- Even though our bands will be performing live music, we will put on recorded music during the few breaks they take in order to keep the groove flowing. 
  • Planning assistance on timeline/flow- Our company is known for extensive planning skills. Our bands are often involved in all “phases” of weddings (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing) since we are the ones providing live music for each part. When you first look for “bands for hire near me,” organization is a key aspect. Since our event coordinators make sure that every aspect of the event is accounted for, you don’t have to worry about any of the planning aspects of the entertainment. 


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An experienced party band should provide many advantages throughout the planning stages so that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your event. If you’re looking for “bands for hire near me,” our bands at Tropics Entertainment are based in Miami but perform all across the world from Chicago to Colombia. Call Tropics Entertainment to book your band today!