For many of us, weddings are something we look forward to in our lives, and when it comes around to having one, it can be one of your greatest memories. If you’re looking to capture those memories in photographs, a wedding photographer can be a great way to commemorate this special moment for years to come. Oftentimes, a cocktail hour allows your guests to mingle and drink while you finish the photography, and the perfect music is essential to creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to relax. We at Tropics Entertainment are Florida-based specialists in wedding music bands that have a few pointers we want to share with you today. Have you considered hiring saxophone players for weddingsspecifically your cocktail hour?


Why Wedding Music Bands are Great for Cocktail Hour

Music is a powerful thing. It can have a deep effect on listeners and is an important factor to consider when establishing a mood for environments during all kinds of events. During the wedding ceremony, for example, many couples will opt to have classical performers like pianists or harpistsinstrument players associated with sophistication and elegance. These sounds set a powerful tone that resonates throughout the space, and this can be just as important to include for a cocktail hour. You want this time to be something relaxing and entertaining. Weddings can be long and draining, so it’s important to give your guests time to unwind and rest as they prepare themselves for the remainder of the ceremony. 


Why Choose Saxophone Players for Weddings and Cocktail Hours?

Probably the most iconic instrument of the jazz music genre is the saxophone. Do you know what kind of effect jazz has on people? Jazz originates here in the United States and was created specifically as a form of emotional reliefa foil to the blues genre. The two share many similarities, but jazz is meant to counter the sorrow associated with blues by being happy. As a result, jazz promotes feelings of joy and lightens the mood for your guests. There are a number of reasons why this is a good choice for weddings.


First and foremost, your wedding is meant to be a time of great happiness. By filling a portion of the event with some light-hearted jazz, you’re mentally preparing your guests with feelings of joy and happiness. This makes these emotions contagious, allowing them to permeate throughout the venue. Because the genre is also about emotional relief, it’s also incredibly useful in helping your guests unwind. No matter how happy the event is, formal environments can feel tense and heavy after a while. Jazz will help alleviate this in preparing for the remainder of the event. You can think of it as an intermission.


Work with Our Wedding Music Bands

We at Tropics Entertainment have a vast selection of musical performers perfect for all kinds of events and weddings of all themes. Located in Florida, we help people across the country outfit their venues with the perfect live music for their occasions. Interested in hiring saxophone players for weddings? Contact us today to book a band for your upcoming ceremony.