Like the soundtrack to a romantic film, the right music for your wedding ceremony can multiply all of the overwhelming and amazing feelings that go through your heart during your special day and multiply them. Having the right music for your unique love is an important component of planning the wedding of your dreams, which is why many people choose musicians to play live at your wedding. There is no price that can be placed on the emotions that the right music at your wedding can evoke. Choosing the perfect live wedding ceremony music is a must, whether it causes your groom to break into happy tears as he sees you step down the aisle or has your uncle reaching for the tissues. Read on to learn more about the options that are out there so that you can have the type of live wedding ceremony musicians that suit your special day. Tropics Entertainment provides wedding music bands to suit a variety of needs and unique atmospheres. Call Tropics Entertainment today for your live wedding band!

Wedding Band Options

The options for live wedding ceremony ranges widely, from traditional pianists and violinists to harpists. It all simply depends on what you personally enjoy, and whether you would like the gentle tinkling of keys or strumming of strings. Moreover, timing is also important so make sure that you know what portion of the ceremony you want which kind of music to be played. If you’re looking for a fuller sound but want to stay with a fairytale-esque option, a string quartet can  be the perfect choice. With two violins, a viola, and a cellist, a string quartet is sure to bring romantic sounds to the table. For couples who are looking to create more of an impact can hire a choir, whether they want more of a classical chorus or a soulful, upbeat version- whatever you enjoy the most! Couples also shouldn’t be scared to go for lie wedding ceremony music that is on the more lively side, and quirkier couples may really jam out to some folk songs or accordion music! Even if you or your groom are not fans of classical music, it’s still quite simple for you to find wedding music bands to play the music of your choice. Many live musicians such as those that we have here at Tropics Entertainment are more than happy to learn your choice of music, with a little time to practice and learn beforehand. While Ed Sheeran may not be in the room himself, you can always walk down the aisle to an Ed Sheeran serenade!

Choosing Wedding Ceremony Musicians

One tip that we at Tropics Entertainment give our guests is that it’s always a good idea to preview your chosen musicians’ repertoire prior to the big day to make sure that they play the genres and songs  you like. Moreover, you should watch some video examples before the actual ceremony in order for you to get the best match of musicians for your wedding. When you’re requesting songs, make sure to mix things up in order to change the ambiance. Have a soft, soothing, and romantic set of tunes to set the tone without adding to anyone’s nerves, then step things up as the bridal party begins to enter. You’ll also want to have a playlist ready for your signing of the register and recessional as you go back up the aisle as newlyweds!

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