When your special day comes, do you know what music you are going to choose? When it comes to music, this can really make or break your big day if it is not thought about thoroughly. The professionals at Tropics Entertainment ​ are here to ensure that when it comes to music and entertainment, your wedding is the best it can possibly be. We are here to make sure all your wedding ceremony songs are sure to get the guest in your wedding feeling as if they were in a romantic movie scene. We offer the best bands for hire near me. Check us out, Chicago.  

Should You Choose a DJ or a Live Band

The decision between DJ and live band should ultimately be determined by how the couple likes to experience music. Each has its own advantages. It just comes down to your personal preference.

There are different energy and sound to a live band versus a DJ. When you have a live band you are hearing real instruments performed. Also, there is a great presence that a band commands when on stage that is difficult to duplicate. This can be more entertaining for guests. Live bands are typically customizable with the ability to choose the number of pieces in the group as well as flexibility in song choice. If you like the concert experience, are open to hearing your wedding music performed live, and your Mom loves drum solos, a live band could be the right fit for you.

Alternatively, if you like the sound of music the way you hear it on the radio or record, a DJ may be the right fit. DJs can offer a playlist of your favorite songs, and they are experts at using that playlist to fill out the night with complimentary music to your taste. If you love hip-hop, top 40, or pop music, the right DJ can lift up the dance party have those feels translate to the crowd. A DJ can also read the crowd and play songs from your playlist that best suits any given moment in the evening. This may be a better option if you invite a niche group of individuals to your wedding. Also, DJs require less space and setup time compared to their live entertainment counterparts which should be thought through depending on the  space available in the venue.

What Wedding Ceremony Songs Will You Chose?

Here’s all you need to know, from choosing an act to making sure your favorite tunes get played:

  • Dollars and Sense
    • Will you hire a band or a DJ? Your budget will probably be the deciding factor. What costs  more, a DJ or a live band? However, you may save money by negotiating the number of musicians, or opting for a smaller ensemble, like a jazz quartet.
  • Talent Search
    • To track down a great band or DJ, start by asking your reception site manager, friends,  and family for referrals. You can also consult the manager of your favorite bar or club. To  conduct a more general search, check out listings in local wedding magazines, or try an  online booking agency. 

  • Live Auditions
    • Meet with potential bands and DJs. Ask the following questions:
      • How many breaks do you take, and how long do they last?
      • Will you provide recorded music to be played during these interludes?
      • What are your overtime policies and rates?
      • What sort of backup plan will you implement in the event of a problem?
  • Now, See Hear
    • Do not sign anything without first watching a live performance on video or in person. Pay attention to the sound quality, but also take note of performance style and appearance. If  you don’t like what you see you should definitely keep looking.
  • Song and Dance
    • Once you have booked your band or DJ, pick songs to play during those critical moments.  Think of everything from your grand entrance to the last dance. Give your band or DJ a list that makes clear precisely which songs you want to be played, and when you want them to be played.  

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