The person or people you choose to play music at your wedding literally create the soundtrack to the start of your new life. They are also responsible for making sure the party is fun and lively, which makes deciding who to use a very difficult and overwhelming task. Most couples look into wedding cover bands as well as DJs when they are contemplating their choices for reception entertainment. However, it’s hard to predict what your guests will enjoy especially when it comes to picking from bands for hire near me. If you don’t have a lot of background information, it can be almost impossible to find a band yours 100 percent confident in. This is where Tropics Entertainment can help you! This full-service entertainment company located in Florida, but assisting brides and grooms everywhere, even New York, pick their perfect musical match.

Wedding Cover Bands VS. DJs

If you ask anyone who has ever attended a wedding most of the time they don’t remember what color the bridesmaids wore, what flavor the cake was, or who gave the best speech, but what they can definitely tell you is whether or not the music was any good. There is no doubt that musical choices can make or break any wedding so it’s essential that you take the time to make the right decision about whether you should keep searching for bands for hire near me or switch it up to DJs near me.

  • What’s Your Vibe: The music that is played at your wedding will set the tone for the whole night. You need to think about what musical genre best reflects your personalities and your reception as a whole. If you loved disco than having most of the music come from the 70s is perfect. If you love the 50s and doo-wop than a big band may be your best bet. The way music is delivered definitely to your guest will without a doubt impact the atmosphere and vibe of the event. Also, the genre of music you enjoy the most can have an impact on who you should choose to play that night. If you love techno and house music than a DJ is definitely going to be a better option, but if you love jazz than a brass band may be your best bet.

  • Have A Variety: It doesn’t matter if you choose a band or DJ it’s essential to make sure that a variety of music is played to ensure that every guest is up and moving on the dance floor at one point. This means a mix of slow and fast songs as well as old and new ones.

  • What’s The Cost?: It’s no secret that when it comes to weddings people are incredibly concerned with how much everything costs, so the band vs. DJ debate is no different. Generally speaking, a DJ is going to cost less than a band, but this can change depending on the type of equipment required for the job as well as whether or not it’s on a weekday or weekend. These price changes also apply for bands too. If you are looking at a twelve piece band versus a three-piece band the larger band will be more expensive. Also, the day of the week will also play a part in the price you’ll pay.

  • What’s Your Space Like?: You can’t ignore the size of your venue when making your musical choice. You need to make sure the site doesn’t have any restrictions on the type or number of musicians allowed or if there are any noise limitations. For example, if you’re wedding is in a hotel they may have stricter regulations in regards to noise just out of respect for their other guests. This means that before you select your music, you need to find this information out from your venue.

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