At first glance, a band and a DJ may seem like performers on opposite ends of the spectrum. So how do the band and the DJ work together, you may be asking? Fortunately for many, there are lots of ways to combine the services of DJs and live musicians. Certain approaches are all about creating a “big moment,” while some build the energy throughout your party. Others focus on providing the best variety of music for guests to enjoy. Here at Tropics Entertainment, we provide all kinds of live music ensembles as well as DJs. The specific ratio of live music to DJ tracks is left to your personal preference, but here are some ways that many weddings have chosen to do theirs in the past. Tropics Entertainment is a top provider of bands for weddings in New York and across the United States. If you are looking for a wedding DJ Chicago loves, call Tropics Entertainment today!


Combining DJs and Live Music

There are many ways to combine DJ sets with live bands, and at the end of the day, it is about personal preference. That being said, here are some of the most commonly requested options which have worked well for us at Tropics Entertainment, a top provider of bands for weddings!


  • Ceremony string quartet- 
    • If you are getting married at a different place than where you are holding your reception, then it might make sense for you to take a different approach for each. A string quartet or string trio is able to play traditional music for your offsite ceremony, while the DJ you hire can handle everything at the reception venue. 
  • Strings For Ceremony And Cocktails With A DJ For Dancing- 
    • If your ceremony and reception are being hosted at the same location, then you can generally ask the string ensemble to stay for an extra hour- all at a fraction of the actual ceremony cost. Put in or take out an instrument, or find a group that is strong in multiple genres of music, so that there is a marked stylistic change between your ceremony and cocktail hours. 


A Top Wedding DJ Chicago Loves

  • Jazz for Cocktails; DJ For The Rest 
    • Another combination that we are often asked to do here at Tropics Entertainment is to have a live jazz band play for cocktail hours while a DJ gets the party on for the rest of the event. First impressions are essential, and the tone that is set by your cocktail music will inform guests of what they are able to expect from the entire reception. A jazz trio jamming in the corner will leave a great first impression, and if your ceremony is at the same location as your reception, then your DJ can provide ceremony as well.
  • The Live First Dance- 
    • Certain couples will book our pop strings quartet for their dinner time, and not just for the benefit of live music during dinner- but so the live ensemble is able to stay and play the first dance. This is a great way to set your first dance apart as something special while having your DJ take over when it’s time to groove on the dance floor.


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There are many ways in which you can arrange the music at your wedding. Tropics Entertainment is a provider of DJs and bands for weddings in New York and all over the world. Call Tropics Entertainment today for a wedding DJ Chicago loves!