When you go to an event or a party, a lot of the times you will notice an individual pumping up the party on stage using a mic. This individual is usually responsible for livening up the party. What do we call them? A DJ or an MC? Believe it or not, they are both different. Here at Tropics Entertainment, we want to make sure you know exactly who to hire for the best experience. When it comes to a MC or wedding DJ NYC turns to us. We also are here to provide the best wedding bands in New York.

So What’s The Difference

Let’s get to the basics:

  • DJ ‘“ stands for a disc jockey. He is someone who plays pre-selected music for an audience. He may also make comments on the music or the crowd to which he is playing.
  • MC ‘“ stands most often for the master of ceremonies. He keeps an event rolling along by introducing functionaries and interacting with the audience.

A DJ is most commonly heard on the radio. They also are the ones who keep the records spinning at a dance club. DJs are often hired out for weddings and other large private parties. They have a special function in reggae music.

MCs can be seen hosting an awards show like the Grammys. They introduce performers at open mic nights, comedy clubs, and boxing matches. They will keep the show moving at charity functions and recognition ceremonies. MCs also serve as officials of protocol at many state functions. They have a special function in hip hop music.

Get The Best Wedding DJ NYC

Have you heard the amazing talents of DJ Jay Sample? Jay Sample has been making his mark as an international DJ since 1987. His energetic style has created a demand for his work in cities from New York to Indonesia. Jay Sample continues to delight his audiences with an eclectic blend of music genres including Top 40, House, Pop, Old School, and R&B.

He is a passionate professional who has been a staple in the South Beach music scene for years. The trio includes DJ Jay Sample, a percussionist who plays Cymbals, Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Shakers, etc., and a keyboard player who plays Sax and hypes up the crowd.  With this group, it’s easy to add more musicians, making the band larger if your event calls for more live entertainers on stage.

Enjoy the perks of having a DJ who can play any song in the world, yet has the “feel of a live band” because of the drums and live musicians.

DJ Jay Sample has shared the stage with greats such as John Travolta, Jaime Foxx, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Brittney Spears, and many more.

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