When it comes to weddings, there are lots of questions to answer. Arguably, one of the most important questions you need to answer is this: what music are you playing? Are you going the DJ route, making your own playlist, or looking to hire some wedding music bands? And that’s just for the reception, what about the wedding recessional songs, the ceremony songs, and the processional songs? For a wedding, you need music in more places than you’d think. At Tropics Entertainment, we help plenty of Chicago couples find the music that brings together their whole day. Here are some of the favorites for 2020.

Before Anything: Band or DJ?

Even if you have some songs in mind that you want, you need to decide one crucial detail: do you want the energetic experience of a live band or the flexibility of a DJ? When looking through wedding music bands, make sure to get a sense of the band’s style; are they able to play the songs most important to you in a way you like? Do you trust them to mix it up in their own style? Other couples who prefer a DJ will want to make sure that their DJ comes with lots of experience and knows how to really pump up a crowd or set the mood. It’s more difficult than you’d think.

Top 2020 Picks for Wedding Recessional Songs And More

Wedding Processionals

Let’s start at the beginning. Most people think of the traditional daa-dum-da-dummm processional, and so a popular pick is different instrumental versions of this (or similar songs), such as Canon in D (Boccherini Guitar Quartet), Butterfly Waltz (Brian Crain),  or Prelude in C (Philip Lester).

Some couples, however, opt for a more modern processional, so that they may listen to one of their favorite romantic songs as they walk down the aisle to each other (think “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” from Crazy Rich Asians). Other popular picks include “Marry Me”, “Unchained Melody” and “Wonderful Tonight”.

Wedding Ceremony Music

You might think the ceremony of your wedding is one part you’d want to keep silent (aside from the actual vows of course). However, many couples find that a little background music helps keep spirits up and keeps everyone (in the back especially) lively, as ceremonies can tend to get long.

Here’s a few songs to keep the mood: “Forever” (Ben Harper), “What a Wonderful World” (Louis Armstrong), and “Magic” (Colbie Caillat).

Wedding Recessionals

Finally, you need some music to follow you out, and celebrate the fact that you are now married! If you went the classical route in the processional, we’d recommend sticking to that in the recessional, so picks like “Wedding March” and “Ode to Joy” are good choices.

Likewise, if you want modern, upbeat songs like “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles or “You Make My Dreams” by Daryll Hall and John Oates work well. Or, if you’re looking to incorporate modern and classic into your wedding, check out Queen’s version of “The Wedding March”.

Contact Us For Your Wedding Music

Whether you’re looking for wedding music bands or DJs, there’s advantages to both, which is why we at Tropics Entertainment offer both options. If you’re a Chicago area couple looking for someone with a plethora of wedding recessional songs, processional songs, and ceremony songs, we’ve got your back! Let’s start picking out songs today!