Being surrounded by water, New York City is no stranger to the concept of yacht weddings. Imagine getting to have your wedding ceremony out on the water in the coming summer, the cool ocean breeze, and the beautiful city view behind you as you give your vows. It’s a luxurious image, but it would be incomplete without some phenomenal live music. We at Tropics Entertainment are a Florida-based company that provides professional live bands for events across the nation (and internationally), and we have some amazing yacht wedding ideas to share with you. This is because we know what makes for the best wedding bands and we will be able to compliment your ceremony based on your taste and your style.


Pros and Cons to Yacht Weddings

First, you might be wondering whether or not you should even consider a yacht wedding. Depending on what you’re looking for, this concept may or may not be right for you. We have some details we can share about the pros and cons of this idea.



  • One Venue
    • Having your wedding on a yacht means the vessel in its entirety is your venue. This makes everything that happens during the ceremony and the after party easy and simple to manage.
  • All-Inclusive Package
    • Usually, when you book a wedding on a rented vessel, the package is all-inclusive. This means you’re getting everything from the food, the service, technical help, and more are all a part of the package you’re getting.
  • Amazing Views
    • Probably the most luxurious benefit to yacht wedding is the coastline view of the city you’re in. For New York, getting to see the iconic cityscape in the background will give you a memorable event and fantastic pictures, but other places have gorgeous coastlines as well.



  • Strict Regulations
    • Being on a boat means you have to abide by the regulations of that boat. This impacts your planning and your guests in different ways. For example, your decorations need to follow the vessel’s safety guidelines.
  • You Can’t Leave
    • Once you’re on the boat, you won’t be able to get off until the voyage is completed. There’s no room for leaving early, and inadvertently, this also means guests cannot arrive late. Anyone who does will arrive at an empty pier as the ship will have taken off.
  • Sometimes There are Hidden Fees
    • While the venue itself will have a flat fee for the package, there are other fees that you might encounter and should ask about before booking your wedding. Some examples include fuel costs, docking fees, service gratuity, and other expectations that might be expected of you.


Musical Yacht Wedding Ideas

Music is an important factor that contributes to a memorable wedding. It’s not just about the dancing, but also the atmosphere and the contribution music will have to your wedding’s theme. Here at Tropics Entertainment, our bands are known for being a little bit “edgy.” This is because some of our musicians are also DJs for nightclubs, giving them more experience with modern music choices that can be great for open water ceremonies. That said, they also are well-versed in the classics, giving them the ability to adapt to the unique choices and styles for your wedding.


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